Great Eats at the Ale House

All food is available to go – just give us a call and we’ll have it ready!


  • Super Nachos
    Tortilla chips, pinto beans, melted cheddar Jack cheese topped with olives, jalapenos, green onions, black beans and pico de gallo, drizzled with sour cream and chipotle mayo. Served with a side of salsa. 10.99

    • Add chicken or ground beef +1.99
    • Add steak +4.99
    • Add a side of guacamole +1.00
  • Potato Skins
    Crispy potato skins filled with cheddar Jack cheese, bacon and green onions served with sour cream.  9.99
  • Calamari
    Hand cut strips of breaded calamari served with tartar sauce.  9.99

    With Fries. 11.99

    Make a Caesar Salad for 13.99

  • Quesadilla
    Large tortilla filled with cheddar cheese, olives and onions served with sour cream and salsa for dipping.  7.99

    • Add chicken or ground beef 1.99
    • Add steak 4.99
    • Add a side of guacamole  1.00
  • Jalapeno Poppers
    Breaded jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese and cheddar cheese.  7.99
  • Pork Shanks
    1/2 pound of pork shanks available tossed in BBQ or buffalo with a side of blue cheese or ranch. 11.99
  • Chicken Wings
    Choose between our jumbo breaded or un-breaded wings cooked to perfection.

    Available tossed in BBQ or buffalo with a side of ranch or blue cheese.  11.99

  • Cheese Sticks
    Garlic and herb butter crusted mozzarella finished to a golden brown and served with a side of marinara.  8.99
  • Onion Rings
    Fresh cut sweet onions hand dipped in beer batter and finished to perfection served with a house chipotle ranch for dipping.  6.99
  • Cheeseburger Sliders *
    3 hand pressed patties topped with cheddar cheese, onions and pickles on mini Kaiser rolls and served with French fries.  11.99
  • Totchos
    Tater tots, nacho cheese sauce, and jalapenos. 8.99

    Add chicken or ground beef. 1.99

    Add steak. 4.99

    Add a side of guacamole. 1.00

Burgers *

All burgers are ½ pound premium ground chuck, served with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and house made burger sauce. Served on a brioche bun with French fries.

Sub sweet potato fries, tater tots, house chips or a side house salad for 1.49 each

Gluten Free Buns available.

Substitute any burger with a grilled chicken breast, or make any of these burgers vegetarian by subbing our black bean veggie patty.

Add to any burger:  egg, avocado, bacon, or grilled onion for 1.49 each

  • The Ale House Burger
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty smothered with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onions.  13.99
  • Grilled Cheese Burger
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty topped loaded with two slices of Swiss cheese, two slices of cheddar cheese, and tomato, melted together on toasted bread.  12.99
  • Inferno Burger - SPICY!
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty, pepper Jack cheese, a generous portion of pickled jalapeños, and chipotle mayo.  13.49
  • Mushroom Burger
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty topped with sautéed mushroom and melted Swiss cheese.  13.49
  • BBQ Western Burger
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty, melted cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, topped with a beer battered sweet onion ring.  13.49
  • Patty Melt
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty with sautéed onions and melted Swiss cheese on grilled dark rye.  13.49
  • Blackened Chicken Burger - SPICY!
    Blackened grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions with chipotle mayo.  10.99

    Add cheese. .49

  • Burger Dip
    Open flame grilled ½ lb. burger patty topped with melted Swiss cheese and mayo served with a grilled French roll and au jus for dipping.  13.49


  • Crispy French Fries
    House specialty served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce.  3.99
  • Sweet Potato Fries
    Traditional sweet potato fries.  5.49
  • Tater Tots
    You can’t make ’em this way at home! 4.99
  • House Salad
    Mixed greens, tomato, onion, cucumber and croutons.  3.99
  • Chips & Salsa
    Corn tortilla chips with a side of salsa. 4.99
  • House Made Chips
    House made potato chips. 4.99
  • Seasonal Veggies
    Only the freshest! 3.99
  • Coleslaw
    Made fresh in-house. 2.99
  • Cheese Sauce
    House-made nacho cheese sauce. 2.99
  • Soup of the Day
    Chef’s choice daily.  Cup 3.99 / Bowl 4.99

Soft drinks

  • COKE Products
  • Red Bull
    The one and only. 4.00

Green Salads

Dressing choices include: 1000 Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Chipotle Ranch.

  • Cobb Salad
    Mixed greens, tomato, crispy bacon, grilled chicken breast, ham, hardboiled egg, avocado, green onions, and blue cheese crumbles served with your choice of dressing.  12.99
  • Grilled Steak Salad *
    Mixed greens, topped with red onion, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, toasted almonds and grilled Flat Iron Steak served with your choice of dressing.  14.99
  • Caesar Salad
    Chopped heart of romaine tossed with housemade Caesar dressing.  7.99

    • Add chicken  3.99
    • Add anchovies 1.49
  • Southwest Salad
    Mixed greens, grilled chicken topped with cheddar Jack cheese, olives, jalapeños, and pico de gallo served with chipotle ranch dressing.  12.49


  • Basic Cheese
    Mozzarella with pizza sauce.

    • Flatbread 7.99
    • 12″ 11.99
    • 16″ 17.99
  • Vegetarian
    Mushroom, black olives, tomato, green pepper, and garlic.

    • Flatbread 9.49
    • 12″ 14.99
    • 16″ 18.99
  • Hawaiian
    Traditional Canadian bacon and pineapple

    • Flatbread 8.49
    • 12″ 12.79
    • 16″ 18.99
  • Pepperoni
    Pepperoni and mozzarella.

    • Flatbread 11.99
    • 12″ 14.99
    • 16″ 18.99
  • Meat Lovers
    Pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, and ground beef.

    • Flatbread 9.49
    • 12″ 14.99
    • 16″ 23.49

Build your own!

  • Flatbread 7.99 +.50 per topping
  • 12″ 11.99 +.75 per topping
  • 16″ 18.99 +1.50 per topping
  • Anchovies
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Ground beef
  • Ham
  • Linguica
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Sausage
  • Basil
  • Black Olives
  • Green Pepper
  • Green Onion
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Pineapple
  • Red Onion
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheddar Jack
  • Parmesan
  • Mozzarella
  • Red
  • White
  • BBQ

Signature Selections

Substitute fries with sweet potato fries, tater tots, house chips, or a house side salad for 1.49

  • Fish Tacos
    Grilled or battered line caught wild Alaskan cod over fresh coleslaw topped with pico de gallo and chipotle lime sauce.  Choice of flour or corn tortillas.  13.99
  • Fish & Chips
    2 pieces of hand cut and battered line caught wild Alaskan cod. Served with French fries, tartar sauce and fresh coleslaw. 13.99
  • Chicken Tenders
    Chicken tenderloins hand battered and served with BBQ sauce and French fries.  10.99
  • Southern Mac & Cheese
    Homemade creamy green chili cheese sauce topped with toasted bread crumbs and adobo BBQ. $10.99

    Add fried chicken. $1.99

  • Flat Iron Steak
    Grilled 8 oz. Flat Iron Steak and seasonal sauteed veggies served with your choice of baked potato or French fries.  17.99
  • Chicken Fried Steak
    Tenderized cube steak dipped in flour and cooked to perfection with a side of seasonal sauteed veggies. Served with French fries or mashed potatoes and gravy.  13.99


  • Classic BLT
    Toasted sourdough bread, 1/4 lb. crispy thick cut bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise.  9.99

    Add avocado. 1.49

  • French Dip
    Thinly sliced roast beef, and melted Swiss cheese served with Au Jus on an French roll.  11.99
  • Triple Decker Club
    Smoked turkey, ham, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on grilled sourdough.  11.99
  • Reuben
    Grilled rye bread, slow cooked corned beef, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and Thousand Island.  11.99
  • Chicken Club
    Crispy or grilled chicken breast topped with ham, crispy bacon, melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions on grilled sourdough.  12.99

NOTICE: *Items can be cooked to order or contain raw egg. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.